Chapter 2 Page 3 Notes

Here’s Michael.   He thinks he’s a good man.  Many of us think we’re good people, and try every day to prove it.

The thing is: the attempt isn’t good enough.  You actually have to succeed.  Intentions don’t mean anything without the actions to make them real.  The cliched expression “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions” still has meaning despite the age on it.  Ethical consistency isn’t moral if your ethics require you to commit theft, for example.  Or murder.

So what do we do with Michael?  At the end of the world, moral choices become more urgent, because day-to-day behavior involves things like survival, not choosing white or wheat for your hoagie.  What this means is that Michael’s going to have a lot of urgent moral choices to make in the coming days.  Some you might agree with.  Just remember that he thinks he’s a good man.

Chapter 1 Page 3 Notes


This panel close-up is from Chapter 1, Page 3.  It’s one of the most important pages in the comic for two reasons.  First, it shows almost all of the principal characters of the story of Poisoned Eden: the Demakis family.  Elise, Michael, and Alina.  In the actual page, you can see the opposite photo of Karl, who you’ll meet in an upcoming chapter (it’ll be explained why he’s dressed the way he is), and Elise’s baby son Toby.

Jason did a lot with just this family photo.  Elise is in the middle, and her smile tells you a great deal about her.  Michael’s possessive hand on her shoulder is also a giveaway about him.  Jason’s depiction of Alina on the left is absolutely perfect: he’s captured her grin and typically carefree nature, but he added an element of humor by catching her blinking in the photo.  It makes what happens to her in Chapter 3 that much more terrible.

The other reason why Chapter 1, Page 3 is important is because it gives us an insight into Elise’s character.  Despite that there’s some kind of inexplicable disaster occurring and she very much wants to go home to her baby, she pushes that aside to help a student.  Is that selflessness, or something else?  Doesn’t she have a primary responsibility to her family?  We’ll see.

Sketch of Chapter 3 Page 8


Here’s an unfinished panel from the July 1, 2013 page that shows Jason’s process from pencil sketch to digital comic page.  One of his many strengths is that he’s excellent at varying line widths in order to achieve perspective and emphasize features.  There’s something about this in-progress work that reminds me of the A-Ha “Take on Me” video from the mid-80′s.

Summer Vacation

Hi!  We hope you’ve been enjoying the site so far.

For the month of June, we’ll be on summer vacation, so there won’t be any new comics posted during that time.  However, this is a working vacation, so we’ll have occasional bits posted on the blog throughout the month.

Thanks, as always, for stopping by.

Sketch of Chapter 1 Page 7


This is one of Jason’s sketches for Chapter 1, Page 7.  Note that the “P” on the original sketch of the cheerleader was changed to “T” for Temple University in the final page.  Another interesting  thing to note  is how Jason breaks the plane of the panels with his art.  It’s a stylistic touch that he uses to great effect throughout the comic, and suggests that his art, as well as the action it portrays, can’t be boxed into rectangles and squares.  It has to break out.